Adult Toys

The sea is synonymous with adventure and fun. It offers a wide range of possibilities so that everyone can find the experience that most enriches their expectations. Thinking of those with a young spirit, Náutic Parc offers activities that can become “toys” for those who want to experience intense emotions and feel the adrenaline in their body.

These are three options so that you can enjoy the sea and experience intense emotions on the surface.

Parasailing. Parasailing consists of walking along the coast with a parachute pulled by a motorboat. It has a maximum capacity of three seats and allows you to contemplate the coastline of Salou and Cambrils from a height of almost one hundred meters.

Sun, light, color, silence… and the sea and the coastline at your feet… It is one of the most popular activities every summer and is not always available. That’s why we recommend booking in advance. It doesn’t require any experience and you just have to follow the safety instructions of the instructors. From here, enjoy the scenery…

Flyboard. It is a board that is propelled with water by means of a sleeve connected to a jet ski. The pressurized water outlet allows, thanks to special boots, to rise and perform different movements.

To enjoy the activity there is a certain experience and this experience is acquired with practice. Our professional instructors will give you all the instructions so you can get started and start taking off above the water.

When you start mastering flyboarding, you can take off up to 15 meters above the water or swim below, more than 2 meters deep.

Jet skiing. Popularly known as jet skiing. No previous experience or qualification is required. The only requirements to pilot are to be of legal age and know how to swim. The instructors carry out the training prior to the use of the motorcycle and then accompany or supervise that all safety instructions are followed.

For this activity we offer two options: circuit or guided tour. The circuit takes place in front of the beach of Salou and consists of going around a perfectly marked circuit. Regarding the guided routes, they have different durations that can reach up to two hours in duration. As the word goes, they are always with instructors who guide and mark the route and supervise safety.