Crystal clear waters, flora, fauna: We invite you to discover our seabed

Crystalline waters that invite you to dive. Seabeds with a wide variety of native flora and fauna… silence, weightlessness, calm, relaxation… these are just some of the sensations that can be experienced when snorkelling or scuba diving in one of the most important diving areas in Catalonia.

The large Posidonia meadows abound in this area. A great biodiversity of flora and fauna has developed here. The mild climate and the quality of its waters have made this area an ideal destination for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts: a great place to get started in the discovery of the seabed, accompanied by expert guides and professional instructors.

With them, it is possible, from the age of 6, to go on a guided snorkelling trip to discover the flora and fauna of the area as a family. From the age of 10, you can also begin scuba diving with a first dive in the sea. The only requirements in both cases are that you know how to swim and are keen to have fun.

Several specialised companies offer their services to those who wish to get started and discover the experience of moving underwater and breathing independently. All of them also offer services to those who are looking for other types of activities of a higher level and who wish to go on recreational dives, technical dives, etc.

There is also the possibility of experiencing more exclusive dives such as wreck diving. Different sunken ships have become a place of pilgrimage for many enthusiasts. The ‘Cavour’, a ship sunk in 1917, stands out for its magnificence, level and difficulty. It is located 5 miles from the coast, on a sandy and muddy bottom at a depth of 52 metres, with the hull split in two halves.

Another exclusive activity is the Tuna Tour, which consists of diving into the sea among hundreds of large bluefin tuna. There is the possibility of snorkelling among the tuna, and for divers with qualifications and experience, you can dive deeper with the Tuna Tour Diving.